GM Cuts Truck Production to Clear Backlog

GM Cuts Truck Production to Clear Backlog

General Motors has announced that it will be idling it’s Flint, Michigan and Fort Wayne, Indiana assembly plants in an effort to clear out  it’s current high inventory of full-size pickups.

Both facilities will be idled beginning July 4, for a two week period, as quoted by GM spokesman Tom Wickham, speaking with news source Bloomberg.

At present GM has an inventory of approximately 282,000 trucks, which translates to a 110 day supply, almost double the industry average. In addition to using the idle time to whittle down the current inventory, the General will also use it  to prepare both facilities for 2012 model-year pickup production.

Although in recent, years, one approach to moving trucks off dealer lots and reducing supply is via incentives, GM’s North America President, Mark Reuss, said the company will stick to production rather than price cuts to drawn down inventory.

[Source: Bloomberg]

  • Jim

    When you have a stale 5 year old design, all you can do is drop prices.

    I own a 2008. If I wax it up it looks like a 2011. Or more likely a 2012.