GM May Test EN-V In Detroit

GM May Test EN-V In Detroit

General Motors may be testing the EN-V mobility concept vehicles in its Detroit hometown. GM North America President Mark Ruess said that Detroit would be a “perfect” area to test the futuristic machines.

EN-V, known as the Electric Networked Vehicle, is GM’s answer to changing transportation in traffic choked cities such as Tokyo. The vehicle is a battery-powered with two-wheels and seats two. The EN-V can reach speeds of 25 mph and can drive itself and communicate wirelessly with other EN-Vs to avoid crashes. The vehicle debuted in 2010 at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Ruess said the timing is right because the infrastructure for the vehicle could be installed alongside a light-rail line and a possible high-speed rail connection, proposed for Detroit.

There may also be a possibility of of testing the vehicles on military bases and senior-living communities, according to Chris Borroni-Bird, director of GM’s EN-V program. However, Ruess made it clear that GM does not have official plans to test the vehicles in Detroit. If plans become official, GM would enlist corporate and government help.

He said: “It would take unprecedented effort with unheard-of levels of cooperation between business and government.”

[Source: Car Tech blog]