GM Provides Hints On The Next Generation Full-Size Pickups

GM Provides Hints On The Next Generation Full-Size Pickups

Although originally postponed due to the automaker’s bankruptcy and subsequent re-structuring, GM‘s next generation full-size truck program is now reportedly back on track. Sources within the corporation say that the new trucks, internally coded K-2 will begin rolling off assembly lines in 2013 as ’14 model year vehicles.

As to what we can expect, it’s likely that 1/2 ton crew cab models will be introduced first, during the spring, since they’ve become the volume sellers. Extended and regular cab rigs will follow, with SUV derivatives such as the Tahoe, Escalade and Yukon arriving in the fall.

In terms of engineering and styling, it’s rumored the new trucks will be powered by updated pushrod V-8s, including a new 5.3 that will sport both active fuel management and direct injection, along with a development of the 6.2.

GM Powertrain is also reportedly working on an eight-speed automatic transmission designed for these trucks and other rear-wheel drive applications.

In terms of design, the new trucks are also slated to make a radical departure from the current slab sided look, which has been a trademark of GM pickups since the T400 rigs were introduced way back in the 1988 model year. Mike Simcoe, Chevrolet’s design director says we should expect to see more of the look embodied by such vehicles as the Chevy Cruze, Sonic and even the Camaro (some clues can be found in the 2008 Denali XT Concept, shown above).

No word on interiors, but it’s likely the 2014 GM trucks will boast significant improvements over the current models, which lag considerably behind their competitors, especially Ford and Ram.

[Source: GM Inside News]

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