Google Employees Get Free Electric Car Charging

Google Employees Get Free Electric Car Charging

In a consistent effort to be, well, less evil (or at the very least sightly less malicious), Google is offering its employees free electric car charging at its Googleplex headquarters.

Google already offers an electric car sharing service called Gfleet, among other lavish employee perks that more resemble Scrooge McDuck throwing his wads of cash at his underlings than those of an actual company—free transportation, unexpected bonuses, and free food, just to name a few. Gfleet consists of 30 Chevy Volts, Nissan Leafs and Toyota Prius plug-in hybrids so far, and now Google is installing 150 “Level 1″ 110-volt chargers and 71 “Level 2″ 240-volt fast chargers.

The Level 2 chargers can ready a Leaf to 80 percent charge in about 3 hours. For Googlers that live farther from its Mountain View, California headquarters, this is an incentive to switch to electric transportation, or at least borrow one.

[Source: GreenBeat]


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