Google’s Driverless Cars Now Legal in Nevada

Google’s Driverless Cars Now Legal in Nevada

A state made famous on for its loose laws and even looser morality, you can now add another item to the list of things you’re allowed to do in Nevada: ride along in a driverless car.

Thanks to the passing of Bill No. 511, Nevada is the first state to allow Google’s autonomous cars. The vehicles aren’t permitted to operate on Nevada state streets yet, however, as the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles first must draw up the exact rules governing the cars.

The vehicles, which currently total a dozen Toyota Priuses and one Audi TT use laser range  finders and video camera, as well as maps to guide their way. Driver’s just have to input a destination using a GPS system and the car will find its own way there.

Google has been lobbying the Nevada state legislature, claiming the vehicles will pollute less and cause fewer collisions (not to mention injuries and deaths) than vehicles operated by humans.

With the bill passed, Google is also lobbying to push through an amendment to current texting while driving laws, that would allow texting for those behind the wheel of a driverless car.

The change in the law in Nevada may also benefit Volkswagen, which recently showed-off a new Temporary Auto Pilot technology, that it claims is nearly production ready.

[Source: DailyMail]