HatsuneMiku GoodSmile BMW Z4 GT3 Race Car Is All Sorts of Awesome

HatsuneMiku GoodSmile BMW Z4 GT3 Race Car Is All Sorts of Awesome

In the world of Super GT racing, we often think of Japan’s finest campaigning around the series, like Nissan’s Skyline variants, Toyota’s Supras and Acura’s NSXs. While there are some European race cars from Porsche, Japan’s finest has dominated the majority of Super GT’s championships taking back to the days of JGTC. That looks to change however ever since GSR & Studie with TeamUKYO started campaigning a BMW Z4 GT3 race car for the 2011 season.

Tuning European cars in Japan has become commonplace, and seeing Japan’s fine touch on Europe’s best is a pleasant sight to see. But seeing this full-blown race car sporting a very Japanese-themed livery makes us a little giddy. Combine that with seeing Nobuteru Taniguchi behind the wheel to help grab BMW’s first top podium in Super GT and it’s almost like a changing of the guard in Super GT.

The HatsuneMiku GoodSmile BMW Z4 GT3 race car is a wicked widebody racer that has been moving up in the GT300 class since it hit the track in Round 1 this year. First they ended up in fifth place and at the second race of the season, they netted themselves a fourth place finish. Now after Round 3, the team has nowhere to go but down after grabbing their first top podium finish in Sepang.

GALLERY: HatsuneMiku GoodSmile BMW Z4 GT3 Race Car

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[Source: Jon Sibal]