Honda Accord Nears One Million Mile Mark

Honda Accord Nears One Million Mile Mark

Joe of Norway, Maine has hit a new record in his 1990 Honda Accord: he’s about to reach over one million miles in it over the past 15 years. Enough to send him into orbit around the moon, twice.

That averages to 14,000 miles every three months—usually what people drive in a year. His odometer is at 938,000 miles right now, and is eagerly anticipating its moment of rebirth. Joe, a service technician for 14 years, bought his Accord used in 1996 with approximately 74,000 miles on it. At 300,000 miles he started filling up notebooks with details of service records, and he’s taken over 661 pictures of the odometer at various lofty stages.

“The one thing for me, being a Honda dealer, I kinda hope not everybody does what Joe does because I’d be out of business,” said Ron Russell, the service manager at a Honda dealership in Bangor, Maine.

The uber-Accord is expected to tick over in September. When that happens, maybe Honda will send him a free Accord, or a free t-shirt: “my car made it to one million miles and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!”

  • jzEllis

    who cares…

  • Danny Tse

    With original engine and transmission?