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 |  Jun 01 2011, 3:03 PM

As perhaps a sign of an improving situation from its suppliers, Honda has announced it will be stepping up production of the Civic at its Greensburg, Indiana assembly plant by adding a second shift.

Since the plant opened in 2008, Honda has always planned to have two shifts running, however, a combination of  supply issues from the natural disaster in Japan, along with having to re-tool for the 2012 model have meant that it’s only been possible to keep one shift running, as a result; availability of Civics so far this year has been at half the normal level, much to the chagrin of Honda’s dealers and customers.

Nevertheless, a spokesman for Honda, Ed Miller, said that the company has been working hard on fixing its supply problems and as a result is now able to commit to a second shift at the Civic plant.

So far this year, sales of small cars are up by 20 percent over 2010, spurred in part by higher fuel prices. Honda’s overall sales are up by 17 percent, as is demand for the Civic, so the news probably could not have come at a better time.

Honda previously stated that it expected full production capacity for all model lines (bar the Civic) to be achieved by August.

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