Honda Fit Shuttle Introduced In Japan, Available As Hybrid

Honda Fit Shuttle Introduced In Japan, Available As Hybrid

Honda of Japan gets a new people schlepper with a familiar name. The Fit Shuttle is a mini MPV that will get two distinctively different powertrains: a VTEC gasoline engine, and a hybrid.

The i-VTEC engine is Honda’s familiar 1.5-liter 4-banger, which is good for nearly 44 miles per gallon—same as the Fit. The hybrid system takes a 1.3-liter engine and pairs it with Honda’s familiar Intelligent Motor Assist, for 59 miles per gallon—again, unsurprisingly, matching figures of the Fit Hybrid.

The Fit Shuttle offers 78 cubic feet of room inside, and seats five. The rear cargo hatch is flush with the floor, allowing for spine-preserving loading. What’s more, the Fit Shuttle will be offered in an all-wheel-drive version. Prices for the Fit in Japan start at approximately $19,943 USD, and $22,420 for the Hybrid.

“In addition,” says Honda, “like a space shuttle, the model can help users fulfill dreams that are out of the ordinary.” We’ll leave that part up to your imagination.

Will the Fit Shuttle come to American shores? Not likely—we’ve got our hands full with the Fit already, and in Europe and Japan where C-segment vans like the Golf Plus and Ford C-Max are wildly popular, the Fit Shuttle works better there. Just ask potential buyers of the Mazda5. Oh wait, you can’t.