Honda Out-Sold by Porsche in Germany

Honda Out-Sold by Porsche in Germany

You can say Germans have their priorities right. The statistics for German passenger car registrations have been released, documenting car sales by brand, and some interesting trends have manifested themselves: namely, that more people are buying Porsches than Hondas.

The largest registration declines over the past five months concern the Chrysler family, and all of their Ameri-Italian brands (even Lancia!) managed to break just 72 new vehicles. Audi and Daihatsu also faced slower registrations at a rate of -22%, but at 24,055 cars they have considerably less to worry about.

These two cases are understandable. Chrysler’s restructuring and traditional European aversion can explain its -24.7% sales drop, and Daihatsu is winding down the brand. But Honda’s -38% decline is more curious, especially considering that they were outsold by… Porsche. 1,860 people bought sports cars and fast sedans compared to to 1,740 people who bought Hondas, which says a lot about Honda itself.

By contrast, Nissan outsells the both of them by a factor of three to one, even without a full line of vehicles. So Honda of Germany, what’s the problem? Chalk it up to Teutonic homefield advantage, maybe, but it’s an issue when your family vehicles are being outsold by an expensive sports car company.

[Source: Just-Auto]