Honda Targets 30 Percent CO2 Reduction by 2020

Honda Targets 30 Percent CO2 Reduction by 2020

As a part of the company’s latest environmental report, Honda has committed to an ambitious 30 percent CO2 emissions reduction strategy by 2020.

This bold new objective follows a similar goal laid out in 2006 wherein Honda targeted a 10 percent emissions reduction in its vehicles, motorcycles and power equipment by 2010 – compared to 2000 levels. Having achieved that goal, the new number is set out in the company’s 2011 Environmental Annual Report and also refers back to 2000 levels. T0 help achieve this, Honda is planning to not only reduce emissions in its products, but in other aspects of its business practices.

The report details Honda’s new environmental vision, which is claims is to provide, “the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life.”

To help brand this new initiative Honda will once again use the “Blue Skies for Our Children” slogan, which was used by the automaker’s engineers back in the 1970s after strict new emissions regulations were first introduce in the U.S. Clean Air Act.


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