Hyundai Considering Four-Door Veloster

Hyundai Considering Four-Door Veloster

Mercedes isn’t the only company with a hold on the “four-door coupe.” Like trickle-down economics, the luxury and prestige of the swoopy CLS might come down to the Hyundai Veloster, available to the huddled masses with zero down and low APR. One of its executives has revealed that they’re looking at a four-door version of the Veloster. The current Veloster has one long door on the driver’s side, and two shorter doors on the opposite side. It’s as if a Saturn SC2 and an AMC Pacer walked into a bar, and promptly started playing with each other’s pivot hinges. But if this unique egress configuration wasn’t enough (remember, the Veloster also features a hatchback), they’re also working on one with four conventional doors.

If a four-door Hyundai with a hatch makes you think of the Accent, then that’s a perfectly normal response. “Hyundai is very focused on the ‘1+2’-door Veloster as an exciting and innovative car for our customers,” said Ben Hershman, a senior manager. As such, the company is denying any statements on a conventional-doored Veloster.

But if a four-door Veloster comes to fruition, expect some cannibalization of the product line. Not all-out spit-roasting, but maybe a nibble.



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