iForged Misha Designs Widebody Mercedes-Benz SL 55 For Sale On eBay

iForged Misha Designs Widebody Mercedes-Benz SL 55 For Sale On eBay

iForged’s beautifully built Mercedes-Benz SL 55 is now currently up for sale on eBay with a buy it now price of $89,999. The hefty chunk of cash will get you a Misha Designs widebody, 600-hp supercharged AMG SL 55 with a huge collection of top quality modifications. This is the same piece of machinery that iForged showed off in its SEMA booth and the one that we spotlighted during its build process.

From bumper to bumper, this SL 55 has been outfitted with some of the best quality work anyone can find in the United States. The custom diamond-stitched seats were done by Top Stitch while the BASF Glasurit Liquid Metal Mercedes Designo Alubeam Titanium paint was sprayed on by none other than DTM Autohaus.

Transforming the exterior is the third Misha Designs widebody kit in the world, which really transforms the entire SL 55 to the extreme. The widebody also makes way for the custom 3-piece iForged Legacy V2 wheels on one side while the other side sports a 3-piece Equip V3. Up front are 20×9.5-inch wheels while the rear is a healthy and wide 21×11-inch pair.

There’s plenty more modifications to speak about, including the custom stereo and Brembo brakes, so hit the source if you’re really interested. The car currently has 32,226 miles on the odometer and is a 2004, though it received the 2009 face lift during the widebody conversion.

GALLERY: iForged Misha Designs Widebody SL 55

iforged_mercedes_benz_sl_for_sale_15.jpg iforged_mercedes_benz_sl_for_sale_17.jpg iforged_mercedes_benz_sl_for_sale_20.jpg iforged_mercedes_benz_sl_for_sale_2.jpg iforged_mercedes_benz_sl_for_sale_10.jpg iforged_mercedes_benz_sl_for_sale_11.jpg

[Source: eBay via Addicted to Mods]

  • Keenan Petty

    That’s the sickest Benz I’ve ever seen, & those wheels are crazy! I know the lip is carbon fiber but what is the face; matte black, textured black or what. I’m not sure, please email me the color of the wheels. Thanks, Keenan

  • Maurice

    The car looks great, but the rims will be your issue here. In the event you live anywhere other than directly across the street from the IFORGE shop, good luck in getting any type of customer service after the sale. I own a set of IFORGE (Fabulous) rims. I live in Austin, Texas, and had an issue with the rear rim leaking air. I have emailed Steve@IForged multiple times, with zero response. I have called numerous times without any return calls. I have sent my rim as described on their website. They have received my rim, I had to purchase an additional set, so I would not be riding on three original rims. In addition, my son was at the SEMA show in Vegas, and spoke to them personally at their booth, about my rim problem. With all that said it has been over a month and still no word. If I could do over again, I would never purchase anything from this company. It has demonstrated the worst customer service experience. If you are ok with zero customer service satisfaction, then this company will be your ideal. I would recommend different rim manufacturers.