Infiniti Aims To Double China Sales

Infiniti Aims To Double China Sales

In car-crazy, luxury-crazy China, sales are booming across the board—except for poor, beleaguered Infiniti. Nissan aims to correct that.

Infiniti is looking to double its current sales in China by the end of the year. Currently, Infiniti sold 160,000 cars around the world last year, including markets in China and America. Meanwhile, Lexus sold 400,000 in that same amount of time.

The market in China is lucrative, with 1.1 million people rightly considered millionaires, and an economy that will expand 9.6 percent this year. So far, Nissan’s sales in China will increase to 1.15 million vehicles. To double their luxury car sales, in a country that’s crazy for both cars and upwards consumption, shouldn’t be difficult.

[Source: SFGate]


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