Jeep Pickup Could Be Aimed At Export Markets

Jeep Pickup Could Be Aimed At Export Markets

Although Chrysler is maintaining that it’s current priorities still lie elsewhere, the concept of a Jeep pickup remains near and dear for the brand’s CEO John Manley.

Although he said there are  currently no resources available to work on a Jeep pickup at this time, Manley reiterated that “the idea continues to progress because of interest in the vehicle.”

However, in order to eventually get the green light, such a project might need to be tailored to markets outside North America, particularly parts of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, where small, crew cab, four-cylinder pickups have been popular for decades.

What form the Jeep truck will take remains to be seen. A production version of the Wrangler based ‘Gladiator’ concept might be one, which would surely make it one of the most unique trucks sold anywhere in the world.

In order to compete in international markets, said truck would likely boast a 1 metric ton payload capacity (2,205 lbs), though a business case for it would also hinge on the ability to produce and sell it in various markets, taking into consideration manufacturing locations available as well as import/export laws and tariffs.

If a Jeep pickup does ultimately get the go ahead it probably won’t be for the next few years, as Chrysler continues to focus on more immediate product introductions in the wake of its corporate re-structuring. Nevertheless, Manley remains quietly optimistic about the truck’s prospects. “It’s something of huge interest to me,” he says.

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