Jeep Wants A Pickup, But Will Chrysler Play Ball?

Jeep Wants A Pickup, But Will Chrysler Play Ball?

Jeep hasn’t offered a true pickup since the late and still lamented, Cherokee based 1986-92 Comanche (shown above). However, if brand CEO John Manley gets his way, it’s likely a Jeep with a bed will return to the lineup sometime in the future.

However, despite showing a concept during a dealer conference last year in Orlando, Florida, where a number of retailers expressed enthusiasm, the idea hasn’t yet been given the green light by Chrysler, though Manley remains optimistic.

If such a truck does come to market however, it will likely be a premium priced offering, rather than an entry-level truck. “A lot of the pickup market is commoditized. I would not want to do a commodity Jeep,” Manley said.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • JeepInterest

    I understand from sources within Chrysler that production for the Jeep Gladiator pickup truck has in fact been green-lighted! Look for availability in 2014.

  • Henry Kaiser

    In Canada, anyway, it would appear the Dakota will be cut. This is the first stop IMO toward a real Jeep pickup, emphasis on real. That would be a Senior Series Jeep, a oldschool Full Size Jeep. (which is about as big as a Dakota) A J8 is a Scrambler, and so is a 2005 concept Gladiator. Why was the NuKizer so Cool? Not because it was built on the JK platform, it was because it looked like a REAL Gladiator FSJ Pickup. Not Mr. Rodger’s Wrangler pickup.

    So to wrap up. There is only one Real Jeep pickup. J Series.
    Thank you, Class over 😉

  • Timothy

    forget it mopar. can u say eccoboost? You are light years away from anything people want. Where are the dodge boys? oh yeah building trucks in Mexico?. You have screwed over the american work fource, more-over have yet to build anything thats a must have. Goodluck selling a milk toast truck, that most likely will do nothing all that great other than rust. Dragging this so-called truck concept around for 10 years is old news. At first I said sign me up. I think that most of us have moved on. Fiat? Oh there is stellar engineering there. Good luck in your endevors.