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 |  Jun 24 2011, 3:26 PM

Hard to believe that it’s been eight long years since the Bugatti Veyron was introduced. And it’s hard to believe that the Veyron, a car for which Bugatti seems content to churn out limited editions until the heat-death of the universe, is actually nearing the end of its life.

Well, sort of. Only the original hardtop model gets cast off into the sunset; the 300 originally planned have all been sold to millionaires, oil sheiks, reality TV stars, and James Bond villains. Only the targa-topped Grand Sport remains, and Bugatti will keep building them until they receive an influx of complaints from men who have had their $400 haircuts ruined.

The mysterious European customer will take delivery in the fall and, Bugatti notes, “has never purchased a Bugatti before.” Good, that jerk had better save some for the rest of us.

  • Noe

    Artricle written and published by the author with only a slight note of jealousy …… If someone can afford it then power to them ….