Leather Wrapped BMW X6 Is Strikingly Interesting

Leather Wrapped BMW X6 Is Strikingly Interesting

The world of modifying cars is ever changing, as more and more creative minds find different ways to personalize their ride, setting it apart from the crowd. Back in SEMA of 2009, Air Runner imported over a Toyota Vellfire van that was wrapped in full genuine red leather. It was definitely eyebrow raising and it looks like there may be a possibility of it catching on. This Lumma Design widebody BMW X6 out in Russia was spotted wrapped in full black leather, though it’s worth mentioning that it’s just faux leather.

With matte-colored wraps and extravagant paint jobs becoming more and more popular, some owners are looking for real out-of-the-box ideas to bring that “woah” factor to their car. Surely a leather-wrapped car would do the job, and having it done on a widebody BMW X6 is all the more different. At a far away glance it’s almost hard to tell that the X6 is leather-wrapped, but clearly there’s something going on with the texture of the finish as its neither matte or paint.  Closer inspection reveals it’s actually a leather-type finish, something we’ve never seen before.

Will it catch on? We’re not too sure, as it’s probably not a very cheap task to execute. But it’s definitely nice to see people continuing to push the envelope, for better or worse.

GALLERY: Leather Wrapped BMW X6

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[Source: Jon Sibal]