Legoland California Employee Pranks General Manager [Video]

Legoland California Employee Pranks General Manager [Video]

As part of their partnership with Volvo, Legoland in California features a pair of Volvo Driving Schools (for different age ranges) that are meant to teach youngsters your basic driving skills and techniques. Of course each Lego-built vehicle at these driving schools resemble Volvos and are Volvo-branded, so it was only a matter of time until employees found a Volvo driver within their ranks to play a prank on.

After finding the perfect target, the employees setup their own General Manager of Legoland California, Peter Ronchetti. As he was leaving for lunch one day, he was treated to a surprise when he realized his Volvo XC60 had been replaced with a life-sized Lego Volvo XC90. The Lego-built Volvo XC90 is a very impressive creation, built from 201,076 Lego blocks and requires a forklift to move around weighing in at 2,934-lbs.

It’s a pretty clever and cute little prank to play on their General Manager. Here’s to hoping he returned the favor to his employees with Lego-built paychecks.

Check out the video after the break.

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  • HunterW

    Well, not too good of a joke considering those are two different cars lol the driver had an XC60 the lego is an XC90