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 |  Jun 29 2011, 10:45 AM


Lexus’ moment to shine is coming soon with the Monaco Royal Couple’s wedding, and more photos and a video of the one-off LS600h Landaulet featuring a special transparent roof has been released to the public. The event will take place on July 2nd, when the Royal Couple will head from Rocher down to the Monaco Harbour and the Sainte-Dévote chapel in true Lexus luxury.

The purpose behind the futuristic, single-piece polycarbonate roof is to allow all of Monaco’s citizens to see the Royal Couple as they tour the streets in the LS600h. More importantly, the luxury sedan will be operating in full electric motor mode, emitting zero emissions.

Prince Albert II of Monaco decided to choose Lexus’ LS600h in order to promote his commitment to protecting the environment and minimizing the environmental impact of wedding celebrations. We’re not really sure what kind of impact this will have on Lexus’ LS600h sales, but hey, there’s no better way than to lead by example.

Check out a video preview of the Landaulet after the break.

GALLERY: Lexus LS600H Landaulet

lexus_ls600h_l_monaco_royal_wedding_car_1.jpg lexus_ls600h_l_monaco_royal_wedding_car_2.jpg lexus_ls600h_l_monaco_royal_wedding_car_3.jpg lexus_ls600h_l_monaco_royal_wedding_car_4.jpg lexus_ls600h_l_monaco_royal_wedding_car_5.jpg lexus_ls600h_l_monaco_royal_wedding_car_6.jpg

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