Lotus Elise And Exige Production For North America Ending In August

Lotus Elise And Exige Production For North America Ending In August

According to a report from Autoblog North American-spec production of the Lotus Elise and Exige will end in August, leaving the brand with only the Evora to sell as its sole product.

Since its debut in 2004 the Elise, and its hardtop Exige sibling have won accolades from enthusiasts and journalists alike, but have always been a niche product. The end of the Toyota 2ZZ engine, which powered the Elise on our shores, likely contributed to this decision.

The Elise will continue to be sold in Europe with a new 1.6L four-cylinder engine until a replacement arrives in 2015.

[Source: Autoblog]

  • Joe Duffek

    From experience, I believe they are ending production because the car was crap.
    Took delivery of my 2005 New Elise in August 2005. Did not drive it the first three Julys as it was in getting fixed. Lotus USA acted concerned until the warranty expired. The car now has 26,666 miles and has been towed 16 times, it will not past emissions and I am unable to license it, something in the frontend (steering) is coming apart and the speedometer is at lease 15% high. The Vega was a better car.

  • Fred Wilson

    Joe –

    I have a 2007 Exige S, and did have to have the dealer replace the speedo (instrument cluster) under warranty. But beyond that, it has been rock solid for 50,000 miles. This includes 50 track days, so figure 5000 track miles. At the very technical Shenandoah track at Summit Point, (18 turns, 1.5 miles) it was hard to beat. Even at tracks with longer straights (VIR, Summit Point main, Mid-Ohio) the S has been competitive, although somewhat drag limited at top end. Incredible grip, revs happily to 8600.
    As far as your emissions issues, have you modified the car at all? Exhaust? What code is displayed when you readout?
    For front end, some of the early models had a steering rack issue which can be fixed. Its a very simple car, incredibly rewarding.
    Good luck with yours. Hook up a scanner (49.00) at Auto Zone, the plug is right under the radio area. See what code you throw, then look it up either on the web or in your scanner documentation. Your emissions problem can be fixed. Also, google Lotus Gotham tune.
    The drive train is Toyota, the engine proven, and a joy to hammer.

    regards, Fred

  • Craig

    Advance ordered my 2005 Elise and waited over 1.5 years for it. 52,000 miles on it now. Put on Larini sport exhaust (no issues with error codes) just new tires and pads. No problems – only back to the dealer for initial 1500 mile inspection to validate the warranty. Still makes me smile every time I drive it. Love the car

  • Joe Smith

    I have tried to add to my comments about my Lotus above, They seem to be deleted before they could be posted, This I expect from Lotus USA