Luxury Living: Move Into An Aston Martin Property

Luxury Living: Move Into An Aston Martin Property

We’ve heard about automakers crossing over into clothing, accessories and lifestyle products, but this is the first we’ve heard about crossing over to housing developments. And that’s just what Aston Martin is doing.

It’s just been announced that the British luxury automaker is extending its brand license agreement to international property developments (we wonder if there’s an Aston Martin in every driveway). Incorporating the three elements of the brand – power, beauty and soul – into every building in this development, Aston Martin  is set to raise the bar on luxury living.

“Aston Martin has an inherent beauty that stems from a basic requirement to be streamlined and aerodynamic,” said Alvaro Hidalgo of First Logic, an international property development consultant agency that’s identifying suitable worldwide locations for Aston Martin. “It is this design expertise, and an understanding of aesthetics combined with functionality, that will differentiate Aston Martin developments. Each Aston Martin property development will be unique. The properties will be built to suit a selection of first class leisure destinations such as marina, beach, ski, golf and polo resorts.”

Aston Martin will be branding a series of villas, apartments, residences, hotels, sports clubs and accompanying exclusive leisure facilities. Would you be more likely to buy or stay in one of these properties because the Aston Martin name is attached to them?

[Source: Born Rich]