Maserati SUV… Yea, It’s Got a HEMI

Maserati SUV… Yea, It’s Got a HEMI

Should Maserati build an SUV? Well, that doesn’t really matter because they will and it won’t be what you’re expecting. One would imagine the SUV would be dripping in fine Italian materials but the underpinnings of this truck will be very American. The  vehicle will be based on the brand-new Jeep Grand Cherokee, but insiders have said it will be hard to spot the resemblance. The interior will be fitted with plush Italian leather as well as wood accents throughout the inside.

Under the hood will be a Chrysler HEMI 6.4-liter V8 producing 465-hp. While Maserati already has their own 4.7L V8, the reality is that the HEMI already fits in the platform quite well and will help keep the cost of the vehicle down. The well regarded Fiat V6 diesel will also be available on the Cherokee platform.

The SUV will be the fourth model to join the Maserati lineup, and production will begin in 2013 at the Jefferson North assembly plant in Detroit.

[Source: Top Gear]

  • Ross

    If it’ll look anything like the render above, HELL YEAH they should build it!!
    Besides, if they make a Porsche Cayenne out of a so-so platform like the VW Touareg (certainly not up to JGCs level), and power it with a VW diesel ,I really don’t see a problem with Maserati doing something similar ( hopefully better).
    I doubt they will use a hemi though; this is only a rumor being pedaled by Top G**r, though they used an abominable render instead of this gorgeous beast you are showing here! It’s like a BMW x6 on roids!

  • Taylor

    Um, this is sexy. I’m not AT ALL an SUV guy, but I love this look. It’s like a sported up Grand Cherokee(which I already love).