Mazd2 Launched With SkyActiv Engine, Facelift

Mazd2 Launched With SkyActiv Engine, Facelift

Mazda has given a facelift to the Mazda2 including a minor facelift and the first production application of the automaker’s direct-injection, 1.3-liter SkyActiv gasoline engine.

This very fuel-efficient engine has a compression ratio of 14.0:1 and an intelligent start/stop system that requires less fuel to re-initiate the combustion cycle, making the Mazda2 capable of achieving 58.8 mpg.

The engine includes a cooler EGR system that helps reduce knock, multi-hole fuel injectors that help cool the combustion chamber, a unique piston design, dual sequential valve timing and lighter engine internals for reduced friction losses.

So far, Mazda has not released any engine figures and the revised Mazda2 may not come to the U.S at all.

  • tom

    The mass of the internals has nothing at all to do with friction losses– they do contribute to effeciency though.

  • Jeffrey

    Of course not. Anything that gets good MPG America they think won’t buy