Mazda MX-5 May Lose 720 Pounds For Next Generation

Mazda MX-5 May Lose 720 Pounds For Next Generation

A report on Inside Line states that Mazda engineers have been saddled with the substantial task of shedding 720 pounds from the current curb weight of the Mazda MX-5, as development of the 4th generation car nears completion.

The current MX-5 weighs just under 2,500 pounds, and the new target of around 1,780 pounds would undercut even the first generation Mazda Miata, which weighed 2,178 pounds.

The report seemed to suggest that the weight target is more of a guideline than a hard target, but that Mazda would approach this task by using high-strength steel, smaller engines and more spartan equipment levels. Mazda is also looking to make the next generation car physically smaller than the current MX-5, but accomplishing this while also complying with safety standards may present a significant challenge.

[Source: Inside Line]

  • Soakee

    They want to shed 720 pounds and use high-strength steel? Try high-strength aluminum, then ditch the carpeting, floor mats, stereo, AC, power steering, and spare tire. Of course, don’t expect a lot of sales.