Mazda to End U.S. Car Production in 2013

Mazda to End U.S. Car Production in 2013

Mazda will cut ties with Ford and cease production of vehicles in the U.S. around 2013, relying instead on its manufacturing facilities in Japan and Mexico.

The automaker is reportedly looking to end its joint venture with Ford Motor Co., as it looks to make major changes in its production system. Currently both Mazda and Ford own equal shares of the AutoAlliance International joint venture and this shift would see Mazda sell off its shares to Ford, which would then take over full control of the Michigan assembly plant.

Mazda currently builds the Mazda6 mid-size sedan at the facility, but low sales of the model have made it a loss-maker. Mazda will continue to build the 6 at the facility until around 2013 when it will introduce a new version that will be built at the company’s plant in Yamaguchi.

[Source: Reuters]

  • Rod Miranne

    It’s to bad. I love my 2007 6i 5-door made just down the road in Flat Rock. Mazda’s mistake was to make a North America only version of the current Gen 6. they should have stayed with the Japan & Euro/World Car and kept the 5-Door and Wagon too. Ford was a winner when it based the Fusion and it’s cousins on the 1st. Gen 6 (2003-2009) structure. Plus the current 6 was not aggressively marketed. Now cars like the Sonata and Optima are eating everyone’s lunch.

  • sam

    Mazda should reconsider. The 6 is one of the bst built and best driving cars, People keep them forever, you can not even find them used.