Mulliner Adds Styling Improvements To Bentley Continental GT

Mulliner Adds Styling Improvements To Bentley Continental GT

Mulliner, Bentley‘s long-suffering Ministry Of Coachbuilding, has introduced a new “styling specification” for the Continental GT. Because calling it a body kit would be too crass.

But that’s what it is, essentially: a new front bumper, a rear diffuser, a little spoiler on the trunk, smaller side mirrors, and side “extension blades” with the Bentley logo carefully painted by wizened artisan craftsmen (or robots). And it goes without saying that the entire package is made from glorious, silky-smooth velour carbon fiber—high-gloss, black, laminated, and guaranteed to give your 5,115-lb. 12-cylinder luxury cruiser some much-needed performance cred.

Customers get an array of personalized options from the factory (as is expected at this lofty price range), including a selection of 21″ wheels in contrasting black and brushed silver. The Mulliner Styling Specification was designed in-house, by Bentley’s head of exterior design Raul Pires.

GALLERY: Bentley Continental GT Mulliner

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  • Lloyd L.Lartey

    I must confess this new model is top of the range. i love the shape and style. i wish i can buy one some day. or if i can become your dealership agent here in Ghana, West Africa. regards Lloyd.