New Electric Car’s Body Holds Extra Power for the Battery

New Electric Car’s Body Holds Extra Power for the Battery


Things are looking greener every day. Take this new battery-powered vehicle that’s being developed at the Imperial College London. This green-mobile not only offers a bigger battery, it can also store electricity in the car itself.

Currently being worked on by Dr. Emile Greenhalgh, this car can store extra power in the roof, the hood and the trunk lid. This would solve the issue that most electric cars face when it comes to driving longer distances (most batteries only have enough power for 100 miles).

As of now, this car’s body parts only give it a bit of extra juice, but they come in handy when it comes to turning the engine on and off, so it takes some of the pressure off the battery.

So how does this car do it? These energy storage components are made from a carbon fiber-reinforced composite, which is a light, strong, and rigid plastic. Binding the fibers is a resin that is intertwined with lithium ions, making the fibers into conductive electrodes.

Another benefit to using these types of body components is that they are much lighter, giving the car even more driving range. Right now, the cost for making these types of components is fairly steep, but with a few more years of development, driving an electric car such as this one is a very real possibility.

[Source: Inhabitat]