New Lotus Esprit Offers “Authentic” Driving Experience

New Lotus Esprit Offers “Authentic” Driving Experience

According to the CEO Lotus, Dany Bahar, the new Lotus Esprit will offer a more “authentic” driving experience than its rivals, the Ferrari 458 Italia and McLaren MP4-12C. Bahar has also claimed that the Esprit will “have the character and emotion” that McLaren lacks.

The all-new Esprit will launch in the spring of 2013 and will pack a serious punch. Bahar revealed that Esprit prototypes will be operational, and tested by November.  The Esprit will be powered by a V8 producing as much as 570-hp. Bahar said the Esprit will be 80kg lighter and 40 percent smaller than the V8 built by Toyota originally slotted for the Lotus. Formula 1 KERS-style technology will also come equipped on the vehicle further adding to the driving experience.

Gallery: 2012 Lotus Esprit


[Source: AutoCar]

  • Lotustwn

    What really bothers me, as a Lotus enthusiast, is the constant comparing to other brands.

    Why can’t Lotus just make the cars and let us, the owners/drivers, make the comparisons for ourselves?

    With EVERY promotional release saying ‘better than Ferrari, interior aimed at Porsche, truer driving experience than Lambo, and more character than Mclaren — it’s getting old very fast and not only is starting to create a negative response from ‘the other brand car owners’ but also making us look like poser/wannabes.

    Is this what we are, wannabe lambo/ferraristas?

    C’mon, Lotus. Just make the cars and true to Lotus form. We will buy. It’s that simple. But I’m really getting tired of the all the recent PR propaganda that just can’t talk about Lotus itself with dropping names……

    More of this and I’m going to really reconsider why I should even continue to be a Lotus enthusiast.

  • ACBC

    Who cares if Lotus is name dropping by comparing? And being an enthusiasts of Lotus and member of many car forums, I don’t see any negative responses other than on the LT forum, how ironic since other forums seem to really like the direction of this new regime and why not since this is exactly the type of crowd Mr. Bahar is aiming for anyways.