Next-Gen Chrysler Minivan to Gain AWD

Next-Gen Chrysler Minivan to Gain AWD

The only automaker that currently offers an AWD minivan is Toyota, but that is about to change says Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne. In a recent product briefing Marchionne indicated that the next-generation Chrysler minivan (the Town & Country) will gain all-wheel drive.

Nearly a decade ago Chrysler did offer an AWD version, but it was axed due to low take rate and because it took up space that Chrysler then used for its Stow ‘n Go seats.

Previous reports have indicated Chrysler’s intention to deliver a small pickup truck based off the minivan platform. This news indicates that the truck could also get the same AWD system.

In addition, Marchionne referred to the new vehicle as a “classic minivan”, indicating a decision on an earlier proposal to drop a minivan model from either the Dodge or Chrysler brands. With Chrysle’rs van now moving ahead, it is expected that the Dodge Grand Caravan will be axed, and instead replaced with a smaller MPV style vehicle along the lines of the Mazda5.

The new Chrysler Town & Country is expected in 2014, roughly the same time an agreement with Volkswagen to extend the Routan could be extended.

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[Source: The Detroit News]

  • kurt1524

    So it’s about time as I always believed that like Subaru all vehicles should offer AWD as it adds to extreme safety in about all driving conditions. With the newer technology, AWD has little to no affect on MPG and the ware and tare factor is nil. I also believe that tuck lines should offer a combo system of 2wd AWD 4wd hi/lo and dual speed rear differentials. Any and all of this are not far fetched or out of the box as it make perfect sense. In volume the costs would be absorbed in the build.