Next-Gen MINI Lineup to Include 5-Door Model

Next-Gen MINI Lineup to Include 5-Door Model

Many fans of the original MINI complain that the new cars bearing the name are just too big. They certainly won’t be happy to learn that the next generation model of the MINI Cooper, also known as the F56, will offer a five-door variant along with the three-door offering.

This new five-door model will not be replacing the Clubman, instead be an all-new additional model. It would simply be like a normal Cooper, but with suicide doors for easy access to the rear, and unlike in the Clubman model, the Cooper five-door will have suicide doors on both sides.

So why have a five-door Cooper and a Clubman in your line-up?

Rumor has it that the next generation Clubman will gain more length, so hence will appeal to customers looking for extra space.

The F56 Cooper will go on sale next summer, but expect to wait an extra year for the five-door model.

[Source: Motoring File]