NHTSA Chief Battles Distracted Drivers

NHTSA Chief Battles Distracted Drivers

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration administrator David Strickland explained last week that he will challenge unsafe infotainment technology that is distracting drivers.

“I’m just putting everyone on notice. A car is not a mobile device,” Strickland said. “I’m not in the business of helping people tweet better. I’m not in the business of helping people post on Facebook better.”

Strickland feels that some in-car infotainment is designed to help drivers and automakers diagnose mechanical problems, however he said that there is a major difference between helping drivers and distracting drivers.

“It’s OK not to be connected when you’re operating a car,” Strickland said. “I’m not going to dispute that people want these services. They do.”

Strickland is adamant about cracking down on distracted drivers. He feels that wireless providers and software developers should minimize driver distraction and it should remain a top priority.

[Source: egm Car Tech]