Nissan Juke Gets More ‘Out There’ Styling Courtesy Impul

Nissan Juke Gets More ‘Out There’ Styling Courtesy Impul

There’s a major love/hate relationship going on with Nissan‘s Juke in North America, but over in Japan the aftermarket has embraced its funky styling and its interesting 1.6L turbocharged engine. Impul, one of Japan’s most famous Nissan tuners, has opened up their catalog and added a huge collection of Juke performance modifications, from engine tuning to suspension to a pretty wild aero kit.

The aerodynamic kit features a front half spoiler, front grille, side skirts, rear half spoiler, aero side visors, and rear double wing spoiler that would make a Supra blush.

As for power, currently under development is Impul’s hi-power control unit, which will essentially be an ECU swap to improve horsepower and gas mileage. Their extra power kit will include an Impul power throttle valve and a differently tuned ECU to support it. No estimated power increases have been announced.

For wheels, Impul has a 19×8-inch +42 offset one-piece selection called Impul Racing Aura SR-08. They’re available in hyper black or just black. For suspension, Impul has lowering springs for the 2WD and shocks to go with them.

Last but not least, those who wouldn’t mind a little more noise out of their 1.6L can order up Impul’s Blast II stainless steel muffler. Pricing for everything can be seen (in Yen) over at Impul’s website.

GALLERY: Impul Nissan Juke

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    JUKE SL CVT FWD what will be the price?is it possible to order & to ship it to Finland so that we get it there. We are from Russia. what will be included in the price?Best regards Roman.