Nissan Social Media Boss: How Not To Sell Cars On Twitter and Other Marketing Lessons

Nissan Social Media Boss: How Not To Sell Cars On Twitter and Other Marketing Lessons

Selling cars is kind of big business for Nissan. Taking advantage of social media to reach all those trendy kids these days is merely a part of that. And in the 20 years that marketing communications director Erich Marx has been at Nissan, he’s seen the changes in how people reach out to others, and how companies reach out to customers. So here’s how not to hawk Altimas on Twitter: “It’s not about selling vehicles tomorrow, it’s not about a $179 lease on a Nissan car. It’s about building value so if we can offer our customers something that’s of interest or of value to them.” In an interview with Ad Age, Marx details some secrets (well, some of them seem pretty straightforward) of working in the social media biz.

On using social media, Marx says it’s not like getting information on cars from a website or magazine. You have to offer “a sneak peek or a behind the scenes glance,” says Marx, like a Q&A session with new Nissan NA boss Carlos Tavares that garnered over 385,000 hits. Performance cars are big too, says Marx, citing it as a “big opportunity” to pass along information at triple the amount of hits as other cars.

And when Marx started, executives were unsurprisingly resistant to the idea of computers: “the irony was that they had no interest in them and didn’t use them, some never turned them on. It was the kids like me who would sit at our bosses’ desks and teach them how to email. Computers were not pervasive in business—we used to hand-write memos. Now, here we are.”

[Source: Ad Age]

  • Quinn McNamara

    Erich: You need to tell your dealers this. Everyone of them just spams with the latest $179 lease rate.