Nissan to Launch One New Model Every Six Weeks for Six Years

Nissan to Launch One New Model Every Six Weeks for Six Years

Nissan has emerged from the global economic downturn as a powerhouse, quietly growing but without grabbing headlines like Ford or Hyundai have. Now the Japanese automaker has unveiled a new business plan titled “Nissan Power 88” that aims to grow its share of the global market to 8 percent, while bringing operating profit to a sustainable 8 percent.

The strategy is a global one and includes growth in all markets. How exactly Nissan aims to do this is has been laid out, in brief, in a statement released by the automaker. First, and perhaps most impressive, is news that Nissan will launch one all-new model every six weeks, starting immediately and for the next six years. In total, Nissan aims to offer a global portfolio of 66 vehicles, competing in 92 percent of all markets and market segments.

In addition, Nissan will grow its electric vehicle size, with planned sales of EVs from the combined Renault-Nissan Alliance to hit 1.5 million units by 2016. With new green car innovations will come technological advancements of all sorts, with a planned 90 new innovations over the next six years.

The commercial vehicle arm of Nissan will also grow in significance and the automaker claims it will be the, “world’s leading light commercial vehicle manufacturer” by 2016.

To help support all this growth Nissan is planning to expand its retail sales network from a current level of 6,000 points of sale, to 7,500 in the mid-term of its Power 88 plan.

And of course, what business plan would be complete without projected strong sales in emerging markets like China, where Nissan aims for a 10 percent market share. In addition, Brazil will get a new plant, while Nissan plans further expansion in India and Russia.

As for the Infiniti luxury division, it is projected to grow by more than triple, from the current 150,000 units annually to over 500,000. Along with strong branding support with its current Formula One tie-in, plans include a growth of products, with dealerships to offer at least 10 different models by the end of 2016.

“Nissan Power 88 is the roadmap for our company’s profitable growth,” said Nissan President and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn. “We will accelerate our growth, bringing more innovation and excitement to our products and services as well as cleaner, more affordable cars for everyone around the world, in line with the energy and environmental challenges of the 21st century.”

  • S_Fourteen

    And yet, Nissan can’t bring a new Silvia… sad.

  • Wheres_My_R34

    Nissan is aiming to make a bunch of cheap cars just so they can spread out over the 3rd world and countries that drive nothin-specialmobiles. Their glory days are behind them. now they just want market shore. their quality, if not just their image, will probably take a hit. Saying you drive a nissan feels a lot better than saying you drive a toyota. Prob not for too much longer