Poll: Men Would Take Care of Their Car Before Their Health

Poll: Men Would Take Care of Their Car Before Their Health

Would it surprise you to learn that about 70 percent of American men said they find it easier to care for their cars than their personal health? Yep, it wasn’t a big shock to use either.

Here’s another interesting fact that the poll unearthed – 40 percent of men asked said they would be more likely to address issues with their car than their health. Conducted by the Men’s Health Network and the drug company Abbott Laboratories, this survey polled 501 men, aged 45 to 65, as well as their partners or spouses. They learned that 28 percent of men skip a regular visit to the doctor. This fact worries 40 percent of the women who were asked if they worried about their husband’s or partner’s health (we guess the other 60 percent weren’t that concerned or had better things to worry about).

  • Robert Cunningham

    Could I get your permission to use the “sick car” cartoon in our dealership’s service advertising?



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