Power Figures Revealed For Audi S And RS Models

Power Figures Revealed For Audi S And RS Models

We can expect some powerful figures for the next round of Audi’s S and RS models, thanks to the miracle of turbocharging in motion.

The Audi S8 will feature a twin-turbocharged V8 developed with the help of Bentley, churning out in excess of 500 horsepower. This is 50 horses more than the outgoing V10, but at 20% less fuel consumption. And as befitting Audi’s S-flagship, quattro four-wheel drive and an 8-speed transmission are standard.

The S6 and S7 are set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this year, and each will be packing no less than 440 and 470 horsepower (respectively). The S1 will join the fray next year to fight the Mini Cooper JCW, but no figures have been revealed for that yet.

Lastly, the almighty RS6 will drop in Avant form, making all of 580 twin-turbocharged horsepower—or 20 more than the new BMW M5. After all, like Simba, the Circle of Horsepower is just like the Circle of Life: unavoidable, and never-ending.

[Source: Autobild]