‘Rally Concept’ Chevrolet Colorado Concept Makes Waves In Argentina

‘Rally Concept’ Chevrolet Colorado Concept Makes Waves In Argentina

Chevy’s next generation global Colorado pickup was first revealed at the Bangkok Motor Show back in March; now a, striking double cab ‘Rally Concept’ version has made an appearance on the other side of the world, this time at the Buenos Aires International Motor Show in Argentina.

Although still a show truck, the Rally Concept’s styling likely predicts the future DNA of Chevrolet trucks, both large and small. The 4WD rig is finished in silver with aggressive Charcoal lower body cladding and is fitted with a raft of off-road equipment, including front and rear winches, monstrous 305/60R18 tires mounted on striking 18 inch wheels, adjustable height suspension, sturdy Rally car style acrylic quarter windows designed to resist damage and cool the interior, plus LED exterior lighting.

Inside, the concept boasts a rally inspired interior with LED instruments, Air Boost ventilation system, rally computer and multi adjustable sport bucket seats covered in Neoprene. Under the hood is a torquey 2.8-liter diesel engine.

Production of the new Colorado is slated to begin later this year and although at present there are no ‘officia’l plans to bring the vehicle stateside, rumors of such a move continue to persist.

  • Dieseldvm

    looks like a winner to me, and don’t forget the diesel!

  • pevans1

    If it’s just another $hitty Chinese knock off, that costs almost as much as a real truck, and I’ll bet it will, it will never fly here!