Ralph Gilles Named President And CEO Of SRT Brand

Ralph Gilles Named President And CEO Of SRT Brand

Chrysler has announced that Ralph Gilles will now serve as the President and CEO of the SRT division, also referred to as the Chysler Street and Racing Technology brand. SRT is responisble for building Chryslers high performance vehicles.

SRT has always been part of the Chrysler brand, however the american automaker will for the first time treat the performance division as a distinct brand. This will allow the SRT division to put the company’s projects (which have appeared as Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge models) under a common umbrella.

Other personell changes also include Fred Diaz being appointed President and CEO of Chrysler de Mexico. Reid Bigland has also been appointed as President and CEO of the Dodge car brand and head of U.S sales however, Bigland will remain President and CEO of Chrysler Canada.

David Buckinham will now act as Chief Operating Officer of Chrysler Canada, and Joe ChamaSrour will now fit within International Operations for the automaker.

  • Marc T.

    Ralphie!! Call up Doug Schramm and give this man a JOB!! I’m a fan of yours, but this guy is clearly like-minded! Just lok at his Charger rendition! http://www.aftermarketcarparts.biz/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/dodge-charger-concept.jpg HOw can you go wrong? Those things you guys are selling, are clearly NOT Chargers.

  • Ray

    That is wickedly sweeeeeet!

  • walt lechman

    In June I drove a new GC and Dodge Dingo.Loved the space of the dodge but the power of both autos were so so.Please put the SRT8 in the Dodge dingo.Thanks 300c SRT8 owner