Renault Megane RS Nurburgring Teased In Video

Renault Megane RS Nurburgring Teased In Video

When the Nürburgring Nordschleife was built in 1927, the good folks of the ADAC—who were there to promote Socialist Teutonic goodness, eventually—hadn’t expected to carve out a 14-mile merchandising empire among the world’s finest carmakers.

Now Renault has given its hot-hatch Megane RS the full-on Nürburgring treatment, and it promises to be a corker, as the British say—because unlike us, they’ll actually have a chance to pick this Megane up. The Nürburgring edition promises to shave even more weight, like the Megane R26.R, or get more power, like the Megane N4, with an increase over the 247 horsepower in the Megane RS…

Or, it might just come with a serially numbered badge and a few Nürburgring stickers. Either way, fans of fast French hatches have no shortage of choice.

Click the jump to see a video of it in action.

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