REPORT: BMW M3 CRT Already Sold Out

REPORT: BMW M3 CRT Already Sold Out

Despite not having even been a week since BMW first announced the M3 CRT, rumor has it that all 67 units are already spoken for. This comes from a German publication, Autobild, but has not yet been confirmed by BMW themselves. It wouldn’t surprise us though that this limited edition M3 is already sold out, despite not even being made available to the North American market.

The M3 CRT features several weight-saving components including the use of carbon fiber components, a titanium muffler and lightweight carbon-ceramic brakes. In addition, the M3 CRT sports an adjustable coilover suspension on 19-inch wheels and tires. Oh yeah, the 4.4L V8 also gets a power boost to an impressive 450-hp, the same powerplant found in the M3 GTS Coupe.

Special edition vehicles, especially those from BMW, are known to sell quickly. And despite the M3 CRT’s lofty price tag of around $185,640, it looks as though this limited edition sedan won’t be an exception.


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