Russian President Nearly Runs Over Crowd In PR Gaffe [Video]

Russian President Nearly Runs Over Crowd In PR Gaffe [Video]

First it was Putin, now Medvedev with the zany America’s Funniest Videos-inspired automotive shenanigans: at an event on Saturday, Russian president Dimitry Medvedev steps out of a Mercedes-Benz SUV, which then rolls forward towards a large crowd.

It took him and the efforts of two burly bodyguards to prevent a disaster, holding the SUV back while the crowd shouts and moves. After they successfully stop it, the crowd breaks into cheers. Nobody was injured in the incident, but it certainly gave the Soviet equivalent of Jay Leno something to snicker about on late-night TV.

Of course, these two events revealing the speak of suspicion: is it actually a CIA plot to undermine the Russian regime? Does Jimmy Hoffa have anything to do with this? Or are the stereotypes of Russian drivers so pervasive that not even its leaders can escape? Aspiring conspiracy theorists can click the jump to watch and overanalyze the video of the incident.

[Source: Reuters]

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