Surveyed Mini E Owners Really Enjoy Their Electric Cars

Surveyed Mini E Owners Really Enjoy Their Electric Cars

The University of California at Davis and BMW have completed the largest study of electric car owners yet conducted: a project massive in scope, involving 120 families across the country who have put over 1 million miles in their MINI E for an entire year. Their findings? They sure love ’em.

While it sounds too press-releasy and too good to be true, like Pringles (or hard drugs) electric cars are addictive: once you pop, you can’t stop. Every one of the families surveyed said that they enjoyed their MINI E, a fully-electric version of the Cooper, and that the car met 90% of their daily driving needs. The reason for such positivity? Unless they were draggin’ GTOs or hauling antique Civil War cannons, 71% of families only drove fewer than 40 miles per day. 95% of families drove less than 80. For the idea of an electric car, it seems to fit their commuting needs, though if the impromptu road trip/White Castle run happens, their owners are out of luck.

In addition, 71% of families surveyed said that they are more likely to consider an electric vehicle than a year ago, and 9% said that they were not. 88% of these families are interested in turning this favorable opinion into a cold, hard sale sometime within the next five years.

And to secure their environmental street cred, almost all of the people surveyed believed that the electricity for these cars should come from renewable wind, solar, and hydropower sources, instead of coal. Hey, don’t accuse BMW of not knowing the right buttons to push.

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