Suzuki WagonR Is Japan’s Best Selling Car In May

Suzuki WagonR Is Japan’s Best Selling Car In May

In North America, Suzuki does very well as a motorcycle brand, but when it comes to cars, hardly anybody buys them. Many believe, that if Suzuki one day decides to abandon selling cars on this continent, no one will miss it.

In Japan however, it is a different story. Suzuki cars are still very popular there and May 2011 is clear proof of that, since their WagonR was the best selling car in the land of the rising sun.

Suzuki sold 11,186 units of the WagonR, beating the Daihatsu Move and the Honda Fit along the way. It is also the first time in two-years that a ‘mini-car’ has taken the top sales spot in Japan.

Part of the reason could be due to parts availability. Most ‘mini-cars’ (also known as ‘Kei’ cars in Japan) are quite simple and use fewer parts, so production of these vehicles was less effected by the earthquake and tsunami back in March.

Car sales as a whole took a huge tumble in Japan however, as sales dropped by 37.8% this May compared to last year.

[Source: Nikkei]