There Is Still A Future For The Mazda Rotary Engine

There Is Still A Future For The Mazda Rotary Engine

With the passing of the Mazda RX-8 this year, many believe this might be the end of the famous wankel-rotary engine, especially since there is no replacement model in sight.

The rotary engine might be down for now, but don’t count it out just yet, as Mazda is now developing a new rotary engine, with a special new ignition system.

Word from Japan is, that the next generation of rotary engine, which is currently known as 16X Renesis, will use lasers instead of spark plugs. A laser would need a smaller hole on the combustion chamber, which would help in more controlled combustion and hence would improve fuel economy, which has long been the downfall of the rotary motor.

The new engine is said to have grown in size, from 1.3-liters to 1.6-liters, however since it is partly made from aluminum and is physically smaller, it will be lighter and more powerful than the old 13B motor.

Could this mean the return of the RX-7? Here’s hoping.

[Source: Autocar]

  • SiN

    i wish they put some effort into another triple rotor engine, one using all their new technology & lightweight aerospace alloy intermediate housings.
    OMFG! that would be insane, some new turbo or supercharger technology and cooling, pop that in the new rx7, or better still build a super car similar to the furai to compete with ferrari, and lambos etc. NOW THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING! (i’ll start saving now)