Toyota Camry Named 2011’s Most American Car

Toyota Camry Named 2011’s Most American Car

What’s the most American car? The Ford Mustang? Chevy Camaro? Dodge Charger? Nope. It’s the Toyota Camry.

According to the annual American-Made Index the Camry tops the list once again (for the third straight year) due not only to having its production based in American (at both the Georgetown, Ky. and Lafayette, Ind. Toyota plants), but because 80 percent of its parts are also made-in-America. To qualify for the list a vehicle has to have at least 75% of its parts made in the U.S.A. The index also accounts for a high volume of sales, which helps put the Camry ahead as it is the best-selling car in America.

The second spot on the list also goes to another Japanese automaker, Honda, and the Accord. Finally, in third place, is a domestic automaker, GM, with the Chevy Malibu. Rounding out the top five are the Ford Explorer and another Honda, the Odyssey minivan.

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  • almprin06

    The domestically built Toyota Camry and Honda Accord benefit the North American economy the most, as this list demonstrates.

    Thanks to Toyota and Honda for employing North American companies and workers to build their cars.

    Meanwhile, Ford imports the Fusion and Fiesta from Mexico. Uggh.

  • Barry

    Last I checked, Mexico is also in North America.

  • z

    wow — a japanese car is the most American. percentage by weight, cost, or volume? 80 screws made in America holding together 20 very expensive assemblies from japan counts as 80% American? are these 80% parts American suppliers, or foreign suppliers?

    sorry — toyota and honda are japanese. Ford and GM are American.

  • Frank Maraffino

    How much do toyota and honda add to America’s GDP?? Wake up America! Union-busting import transplants do not positively affect a USA bottom line! The reason the domestics build overseas is because they cannot complete profitably when one of the major cost factors in manufacturing is labor and the imports have vastly differing labor rates. Keep buying those foreign products, but make sure they are comfortable enough to live in when you lose your job.

  • Dan

    Jesus Z, Did you read the article? I bet you’re a proud walmart shopper too! 80% of the Camry is Made In America, By American’s, in American Companies. I just hope the quality of the Toyota and Honda don’t start to suffer as a result! There’s not a GM, Ford or Dodge car I’d own over either the Accord of Camry.

    And Frank,
    My Toyota pick up was built if Texas… By Union, UAW workers. It’s cheaper for Japan to pay union workers in America than pay the exorbitant terrifs the American car companies insisted upon. Even with all those challenges they still produce better vehicles and sell more units.

  • TB

    Its funny that the Mustang has a transmission made in China!!Well, we owe them money so is it really made in CHIUSA?

  • forsetiboston

    @TB: you joke but that very Chinese transmission made the difference between me buying a brand new 2011 Mustang and actually buying a foreign car. Once I drove that car, and it is a nice car, but once I drove it and shifted that horrible transmission I knew I would be going home sans the ‘stang.. Such a sad state of affairs when the United States of America can’t build a transmission for gods sake. Take your UNION (assembled) crap Mustang and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. That said I have one 2011 German Union assembled car, and one 2010 UAW assembled vehicle.. Want to be which one has been back to shop already?:)

  • forsetiboston

    *guess not *be which one has been back to the shop already.. oops.

  • Donald

    “Made” is vague, follow the money. Toyota profits are deposited in the Bank of Toyota in… Japan.
    I’m a Super Duty owner; runs like a champ. Profit deposited in Detroit.

  • Severus

    Wonderful! The Yanki compnaies can go to China. Good riddance. I welcome German and Japanese cars and business as a true American.

  • Wayne

    What manner of of disassociated, Thorazine deprived drivel are you yakking about?