Toyota Repossesses Murdered Mother’s Camry, Gives It Back Later

Toyota Repossesses Murdered Mother’s Camry, Gives It Back Later

24-year old Aaron Knudsen, sadly, has a lot to deal with right now. His mother was murdered by her estranged boyfriend in May, and between dealing with investigators and grieving over the loss of a family member, he also had to deal with outstanding payments on her mother’s 2005 Toyota Camry.

Police investigators had impounded the car after the murder, and Knudsen had contacted Toyota to let them know that he would be keeping the car and making any outstanding payments on it. Toyota initially agreed to this.

But later, in the sort of story that makes Snidely Whiplash feel underappreciated, Toyota reversed their position and seized it anyway; when Knudsen contacted them again, they threatened to sell the car if he didn’t pay the loan as well as $1,000 in impound fees by July 5th.

So Knudsen went to Toyota’s Facebook page and let them know about the situation. And with the power of social media, it went viral: Toyota was up there with Pol Pot and traffic wardens on the scale of heartless cruelty. Exactly the sort of attention Knudsen deserved. And on Friday, Toyota called him to let him know that not only was the company returning the car, forgive the outstanding debt, and return the car to him next week.

Consider your faith in humanity restored—after all, Toyota doesn’t need any more bad PR.

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