Turn Any Car Into A Ferrari With The SoundRacer

Turn Any Car Into A Ferrari With The SoundRacer

You can only afford the Gremlin, but you dream about driving a Ferrari. No need to sell one of your kidneys – just pick up the SoundRacer and it’ll sound like you’re behind the wheel of a hot sports car.

From the outside, you won’t be fooling anyone, but inside, you’ll get goosebumps, thanks to this handy little gadget. Recorded from a real V12 Ferrari, all you have to do is plug the SoundRacer into your cigarette lighter. Pick a frequency, turn up the volume and you’ll think you’ve got the real deal.

When you tire of the engine revving, you can plug your MP3 Player, iPod or any audio device with a 3.5mm audio socket into the SoundRacer to listen to your favourite songs.

We’d like to get one of these bad boys, plug it into the old Cavalier, roll down the windows and crank up the SoundRacer in full blast. You can buy the SoundRacer for £29.99 (about $40) – hey, it’s still cheaper than the real thing.

[Source: Coolest Gadgets]