U.S. Senator Pushing to Stop Rental Car Agencies from Using Recalled Vehicles

U.S. Senator Pushing to Stop Rental Car Agencies from Using Recalled Vehicles

US Senator Charles Schumer from New York, says he will introduce a bill that will prevent rental cars affected by recalls from being offered to customers.

The rental car industry in the U.S. has already proposed a ‘two-tier’ system, whereby vehicles with more serious recalls would be taken out of service immediately, while those with less serious safety problems would remain in fleets until the problem could be addressed.

However, Schumer feels that the proposed system simply doesn’t go far enough. “The latest proposal by car rental companies to create a vague double-standard that defines some recalled cars as safe and others as dangerous allows these companies to shirk their responsibility to consumers’ safety,” he said.

As it currently stands, all vehicle owners, including rental car agencies must decide for themselves whether to continue operating vehicles or have them taken off the road for repairs, based on information provided to them by both the manufacturer and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Schumer believes that by not pulling all recalled vehicles off the road until they’re fixed, the rental car agencies are “more interested in reaping profit than ensuring the safety of individuals or families driving their cars.”

[Source: MSNBC]


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