World’s First Production Bentley Up for Auction

World’s First Production Bentley Up for Auction

Some people collect stamps. Others collect fine wine. But a select few can afford to collect classic cars. If you’re among those few, you’ll be excited to hear that the world’s first and oldest Bentley is up on the auction block.

The classic car once owned by Steve McQueen is going up for auction in August by Gooding & Co. of Santa Monica, California in Pebble Beach. Still in running condition, the Bentley 1921, Chassis No. 3 is reportedly to be the first car that was ever delivered to a customer. This beauty participated in various rallies in her day and still has enough juice in her to putter around.

Gooding & Co. Car specialist Paul Hageman says the first version of the car, which was an experiment, no longer exists, but the second one was preserved by the automaker. After going through a series of owners in the UK, Chassis No. 3 was once owned by Welshman Ivor Llewelyn, father of James Bond films actor Desmond Llewelyn.

If you’re looking to throw your hat in the ring, the 1921 3-liter Bentley is expected to fetch around $250,000. That’s not a bad price, considering a 1927 Bentley went for around $780,000 at recent Bentley auction.

[Source: Born Rich]

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